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Q: السلام عليكم
1) Can in pray with dry blood on my cloths ?
2) And it had not been washed
3) Can I pray while my nose/mouth is bleeding ?
نحبك في الله يا شيخنا
الله يسترك و يحميك و يسهل أمرك

Time: Tuesday July 26, 2011 at 9:22 pm

Q: Can you share with me rules of bleeding and salah. I had blood on me i work in a lab and i performed salah. Must i repeat it (text)

Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

May Allah (SWT) accept your prayers for each of us, Ameen.

Any impurity that comes upon a person or on the clothes that a person is wearing should be immediately removed. However, if a person read a given salah  with  impurity (be it blood, urine, puss, etc) on the body or clothes, then one has to see if the impurity falls into the category of Major or minor impurity (Najasat-e-ghaliza or  Najasat-e-Khafefa).

In your case, since it appears to be (human) blood, it falls into the category of what is called Major impurity.  Thus if the clothing article or body part is soiled more than the size of a dirham, then the Salah must to be repeated. However, if the impurity did not exceed the size of a dirham, then the salah would be viewed as valid. (A dirham is equivalent to the size of the inside of an individual’s palm, a little larger than the size of a dollar coin.)

By contrast, had the impurity fallen into the category of what is termed as minor impurity and does not exceed a surface of more than a quarter of a limb,  (if impurity is on the body,) or quarter or more of a given garment,(if it is upon a person’s sleeves, etc.) than the salah would be most valid, Insha-Allah.  Minor impurity is defined as droppings of those animals which can be consumed, example, sheep, goat, camel, chicken, etc.

2) Impurity beyond a certain parameter would call for repeat of the prayer, (read above.)

3) Ahnaf must break their salah and do a repeat of it. Our shafee friends can also use the following for benefit:

و يشترط الطهارة  من النجس الذي لا يعفى عنه في ثوبه أو بدنه حتى داخل أنفه أو فمه أو عينه أو أذنه أو مكانه الذي يصلي فيه ، فلا تصح صلاته مع شيء من ذلك ولو مع جهله بوجوده أو بكونه مبطلا

Allah certainly knows best.

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