dress code does matter

Q:  Salam Alaykum Wa RAhmatu Allah Sheikh Mehtar

I know a lot of questions were sent in about dress code for the muslim woman.. Does it make a difference where you live? If I lived in a muslim country I would dress differently…in America though, is there some leniency… As long as everything that should be covered is covered and the garments are somewhat loose… I mean, relatively us muslim women will still be very modest comparing with the non-muslims and to the “males” we will be just that: modest comparitively so that should divert eyes in itself.. Some of the traditional clothes bring more attention then if a muslim women were to just wear “normal” wear (ex. jeans, long shirt) … I understand there are 2 different kinds of attention as far as clothing..one is out of curiosity and the other out of … not lowering the gaze..
Id very much like to hear your input…JazakAllah khair for continuously answering these questions with consistent detail
Time: Friday July 15, 2011 at 2:34 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Clothing pattern and style continues to change over time, however, you are correct in implying that good Islamic dress has certain parameters that would always remain constant.

Often people assume that one dress code is ‘correct’ and another ba’til (haram, wrong.) Although truth to this does exist, living in a western environment places challengers upon faith holders. Thus, knowledge of religious appeal and balancing it out with the local environment is very essential. Muslims are to live in harmony with self and environment while accepting the best of both environments and shunning away the ills that exist.

Additionally, one must try to ‘fit in’ when it relates to matter of personal safety. One must never sacrifice rules of good Islamic dress code norms without valid proof of harm. The best dress-wear conceals what needs to be concealed in a respectable classy manner. The dress-wear must represent the dignity of a Muslimah and her environment without making her a target of hostility.

If a woman cannot dress with dignity due to matters beyond her control, it would be best for her to safe guard her faith by limiting her contact to the outside world with clothing that is in conflict with her ideals. See Tafseer on ayah 33:33

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


One response to “dress code does matter

  1. “I mean, relatively us muslim women will still be very modest comparing with the non-muslims…”

    Excuse me, are you implying that ONLY Muslim women in the United States dress modestly? Are you implying that ONLY Muslim women have morals?
    There are good non-Muslim women in the world today who dress modestly without dressing like a hoochie (or a bimbo). There are Muslim women out there who do dress like a hoochie (or a bimbo) on there own merits. For once, I wish people would get off the topic of Muslim vs. Non-Muslim.