‘manicure and pedicure’

Question: Assalaam O Alaikum Imam,
A.   I m intrested in learning manicure and pedicure (nail technician, puttig nail polish on fixing nails stuff like tht) due to the fact tht I wear hijab n want to work with women only.  If  I have this trade, I can work in ladies salon  and avoid  interaction with men.
Please let me know if this is halal or haram religion has the higher importance.
B.   This course is expensive and I may not have full cash to pay for it in my situation can tht be financed (tht will incur interest)? I will try my level best to pay it off asap.

Assalaam Alaikum

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
You seem like good moral person. It is clear that you want to do the right thing. You need to reflect more upon the choices before you. Additionally, i would like for you to continue in keeping your good standards, thus i am to say the following:

In itself, learning the art of manicure/pedicure is allowed. However, the environments in which a muslimah would be working in upon learning manicure skills is generally not conducive to the spirit of modesty and morality as it is linked to Islam and Muslim woman. Likewise, a muslimah must attain skills that does not reduce her moral and spiritual essence. She must be proud of all she does.

The real problem: People that are part of this profession are often contributing to placing upon woman a thickish layer (known as nail polish) upon the nails. This ‘thickish layer’ generally is not removed at the time of ablution for the prayers. Thus, such performed prayers would remain invalid. Indirectly, you would be contributing to a sin. A muslimah does good and also assists others in making good choices (derived from ayah.)
I would recommend, if you did learn this trade, do it for woman that are not in the state of purity (state wherein they cannot pray etc) or do it for nonmuslim woman that are not bound by the rules of deen.
Better yet, learn a trade that can make you benefit humanity beyond the level of beatification. Learn somethings that would make  people say: she has changed my life. I think you should examine your skills and opt for that which can make you and those around you aspire to doing more then ‘finger cleaning and polishing.’
B) These classes are not expensive. They are only expensive if you go to a private college for its learning. In general, pedicure/manicure skills can be learnt cheaply by local community college classes.
Unless this skill is linked to your survival, taking an interest bearing loan for such classes would not be allowed.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

3 responses to “‘manicure and pedicure’

  1. How can you say that a prayer would be “invalid” when you do not know the intent of the woman’s heart? If this sister wants to work in an industry where she is doing nails, this is HER choice. Not every single woman out there wears hijab. There are non-Muslim women out there who do get their hair/nails done by Muslims. :)

  2. Umm…last I checked praying without ablution is invalid…not sure what intention has to do with anything, if at all? Just curious.

  3. Prayer without ablution is invalid, due to the thickness of the nail polish. I’m not sure what intention has to do with anything here? Just curious.