Salah Times for the Month of June at the Musjid

F ajr: 5:25      Zohr: 2:00      Asr: 6:50      Magrib:  Sunset      Isha: 11:05


3 responses to “Salah Times for the Month of June at the Musjid

  1. regular Muslim

    Assalamu alikum Imam,
    How come the Fajir prayer is at 5:25am? I am just wondering because by 5:00am the sun starts rising, and I don’t think we it’s good to pray Fajir when the sun is out?…I could be wrong, so teach us Imam.

    • you are only ‘wrong’ if you have a disregard for all other opinions. Until such point you are fine.
      Simple answer: Best for woman to perform fajr at the onset time. If it starts at 4:00am, then she should pray close to 4am as possible. This applies to woman that are familiar with shafee and hanafee rulings.
      As for men, if the end time is 6:00am, they can pray at 5:25am, for real men (men who do not have an excuse or something that would prevent them from leaving their home — eg: blindness, old age, sickness, etc.) Such men prefer to perform salah with jamat. Jamat times best be set by the jamat (group) and the people should have a choice between awwalu waq (start time,) akhiru waqt (latest time) or from the start of time to its end of time, etc. if possible.
      Islam allows for diversity. We should pick our times as they relate to the attendees, the environment, sleep patterns of locals, amount of people that are to attend, etc. So long as the salah laws are not violated, we should continue to be lenient in how we present ourselves for the interest of the majority.

  2. Fiqh student

    Assalama Aalaikum Imam,
    From what I have understood, Isha is best to offer it once 1/3 of the night has passed. I have also heard the best time to pray qayamul layl is the last 1/3 of the night. Correct me inshallah if these statments are wrong. So my question is how to do you calculate 1/3 of the night, 2/3 of the night and even the last 1/3 of the night.
    Jazakumallahu khair