meat, music and peace (all re-runs)

Q: Asalamualikum Brother (muhammed) Shoaib,

I have few questions to ask you, keeping in my mind that you are busy . You can take your own time , but please do reply. My first question is :

1. We call Christians Ahllil  kitab, as they have changed their book Bible. As Allah has already explained in Quran that who ever set apart with him , they are in hell.
so when on us , ( like as a muslim when the matter comes with meat i have heard lots of people say that we can eat their meat as they are ahlil kitab, which is available in wall mart, or smith.
then. The meat becomes Halal when you say Bismilah , . Do we have any Hadith explaining that point. The past time which was in Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), has been changed as far I know.
2. what Islam says about Music? Now a days  every one listens to music, as if it is not bad at all, and admire them .

and the last question, when ever i pray . i feel my soul is still hungry, then i do ziker or read Quran. what are other ways that we can make our self satisfied , and to get khasouh in salat.
May Allah protect you and keep you in his peace. and reward you for your single action you do for all of us.

Time: Monday April 25, 2011 at 11:16 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
I appreciate your questions. I have attached links for greater detail. I am brief with you, however, you should never think that i am avoiding a detailed response. The links would help you out. Keep your questions coming and may Allah (SWT) bless you and your family for your kind prayer. May it apply to all, Ameen.

Meat matter: The hadith on bismillah as presented by you is being interpreted incorrectly. Reading Bismillah on something haram and thinking that the haram would become halal can lead towards Kufar (disbelief) if done in vain.  Stay away from quacks that promote such thinking. One cannot prove that the prophet(swt) promoted the eating of such meats or turned haram (forbidden) to halal (permissible) by the Bismillah. A prophet (peace be upon them all) would never eat any anything haram.  We should support what He (saw) promoted as part of everyday occurrences, after-all, eating is an everyday occurrence.Additionally, read this.
Music matter: Music increases hypocrisy within the heart. The image of current day singers does not remain worthy of emulation. Kindly go here.
Higher spirituality wanted: You are doing the correct things to attain higher spiritual awareness. Additionally, talk less, eat healthy, be in the company of good people, do not hang around people for mere kicks and giggles, smile but try not to laugh loudly for this brings emptiness to the heart, reduce computer usage to that which is necessary for much of it creates weakness of heart and mind.

Things we can all work on: For salah (prayers), make a good whudhu and follow all the sunnah attributed to it (niyah, bismillah, sitting on a higher platform if possible, etc.), read Tahiyatul musjid if possible, read all the sunnah that are attached to the given fard prayer. All these preparatory methods would make the main (fard) prayer a pleasure. Do not rush any portion of your prayer. Believe in your heart you are standing before a Merciful and loving Creator that is awaiting to cleanse you due to your faithfulness.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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