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Q: Before Muhammad (S.A.W) became a prophet, was islam a religion present anywhere around the world. I know that prophets before Muhammad (S.A.W) conveyed messages to worship one God(Allah), so does that mean that islam was present. If so, i sometimes get confused as to how khadijjah was the first woman/person to become muslim.
Time: Sunday April 17, 2011 at 9:28 pm

A: (Answer is shared by Br Yassir.)
The islam you are referring to (and getting confused about) is the general name of monotheism through out history, while different prophets have come at different times they have brought the same idea although different rules and regulations.  Like Moses, Jesus
Mohammed peace be upon them brought worship of god but different rules.
Consider a parable, windows is licensed to the same company (Microsoft) but windows 95,2000, Xp and 7 are totally different in functions and applications while they represent the same company.
Similarly the islam which Messenger of God Mohammed brought was the final version of this ancient faith which has been practiced and preached through the ages.


p.s. (Br. Yassir placed a clipping in his last paragraph, sadly, we cannot place it on our site due to some technical issues. However, not only is Br Yassir’s time appreciated, we also appreciate the question. This question has been outsourced due to time management issues. Student #725)

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