sleep paralysis…. scientific or is it an attack from the jins?

Q:  Sallam Alaikum Sheikh,

My question is regard sleep paralysis. I have experienced this several times. I feel like someone is in the room hovering over me, and I cannot move. But as soon as i start reciting the Qu’ran in my mind, it releases me. Is this strictly scientific or is it an attack from the jins?
Time: Saturday May 21, 2011 at 8:05 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
My understanding of sleep paralysis from the texts of psychology remains rather different from the manner in which you seem to be depicting the matter. You are communicating to me on a multilevel. Thus, my advice to you from a religious point of view would be as follows:  Do not waste your time in letting this illness affect you. To worry about a sickness sometimes creates greater sickness.

Do not even worry if it is a scientific matter or jinn matter. However, a doctors bill of well-being would be recommended — for ease of mind. Once the tests prove normal, do not let the matter affect you any more. This is shaytans way to lead you astray and depend on people (possible quacks, jinn masters who are often sick themselves) and thus taint your imaam in the process.
Continue with your Quran recital. If you wish, add the manzil to your list of recitals before and after sleep. Or better yet, before or after fajr salah, and after magrib salah.
May Allah make matters easy for all in matters of good, ameen.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.


2 responses to “sleep paralysis…. scientific or is it an attack from the jins?

  1. askthebigone1234

    Personally, I experienced this a lot when I first became Muslim. Especially when I decided to make positive commitments in my life. I took it as a good sign and an honor that the Shayateen were so fed up that their whispering stopped working that they turned to attacking me physically…

  2. I have sleep paralysis since 2 years, sometimes many days in a row. I always thought having a SP was something random that affects anyone like science tells us. I have never recited the verses of Allah during these past years until now. And this SP that I just had was very different from ALL the others SP I had.. I am not going to explain it in details, but I can just tell you that there is something so strong in the verses of Allah that when reciting them in a sleep paralysis mode, the djinns will try to escape when hearing them, but they’ll suffer, suffer from the power of Allah, the verses of Allah are our shield against Djinns.