i want my rights. But what are they exactly!

Q: A.A Imam,
I have always been confused about the rights islam has binded upon me as a muslim woman and the rights I have.Can you please tell me the islamic rights my brothers have over me at the instance when my father is not living with us anymore. Can You also tell me the islamic rights I have over my brother in the mean time. I am not married and I am currently going to college.
Jazakum allahu khair for your time.

A: Much confusion exists as it relates to Muslim woman and the position Allah (SWT) has awarded both genders in the Quran. Muslim woman are faced with two options: follow religion or the environment.  So long as culture and environment coexist and eliminate contradiction, human spirit and dignity is uplifted. This in essence is Islam. When a conflict exists between religion and culture, we must pick, a wrong pick creates mishap. Thus, i am thankful that you asked this question to attain religious clarity.

  • Allah (SWT) has given both genders rights and obligations that each party must fulfill for a better life. Islam views each gender with uniqueness — be it form the point of view of strength and/or weaknesses, skills and talents, etc. Each must therefore focus on uplifting the other and function as a complementary partner.

Your rights:
Your brother must provide you with necessities: clothing, shelter, food, security from being preyed upon as well as other aspects that apply to your general living conditions. If you are single, he should ask you the type of person you want to marry and assist you in this regard. If you have found someone to marry, he must ensure that this mate is best for you. He must function as a guardian in the best manner possible. Him not doing so would make them liable in the Court of Allah (SWT).
Your obligations:
You must assist in ensuring the family security. Not squander his wealth in his absence, not invite people that would cause insult to the family structure and/or your dignity, not talk to strangers without valid reason (even if he may do so!) or immoral people, continue to protect family assets and interests, be cordial and respectful, counsel and assist in being the very best in every sense of the word/action.

As it can be noted, just as men have a role, woman to have a leading role in Islam.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.
P.s. I sense that more may exist to your matter, kindly resend your query if needed.


3 responses to “i want my rights. But what are they exactly!

  1. You have a right to own property, assets, bussiness….
    You have a right to specify in a marriage contract
    You have a right to inherit
    You have a right to apply for justice if an injustice has been done
    You have a right to divorce
    You have a right to engage in political, social or economic activites….

  2. The question is can you get your rights….access to your rights …..?