‘trying my best to focus’

Q: Salaam Moulana (muhammed) Shoayb,
Hope you are doing well.
I have a question concerning this link: https://islaminaction.wordpress.com/2009/12/09/key-to-being-an-effective-student-pass-with-an-a/

I was reading this, and in the P.S. it mentions to look on the website to see what Imam Shafee has to say about attaining knowledge, but I have tried to search and rescue, but am unable to attain the link to that resource. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could guide me in finding that topic of discussion.

I am trying my best to focus and be a good student, any Islamic advice is greatly appreciated!
Hope to hear back from you soon :).
Jazakallah Khair.
Allah Hafiz,
— (name withheld).

A: Likewise, wishing you and your family the same.  I hope this is what you are looking for. If someone else wishers to assist, be our guest.

شكوت إلى وكيع سوء حفظي . . . . . فأرشدني إلى ترك المعاصي

وأخبرني بأن العلم نور . . . . . ونور الله لا يهــــــــــــــــدى لعاصي


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