letter for beard growers

Q: i am looking a for a letter that allows me to keep a beard at work.


name withheld (email)


Kindly fill in your name in the appropriate places. May Allah make matters easy for you, amen.


May 16, 2011

Mr xxxxxxxx has brought to our notice that he has requested employment within your company. He is known to be an individual of dedication and honesty.

Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxx has also requested that a letter be furnished pertaining to the need of a Muslim male retaining a beard whilst employed by your company. Islamic rules require that under general circumstances Muslim men should maintain a beard as a requirement to male adornment. It is part of the Islamic belief that such a beard should also be maintained with neatness as defined by our religion as well.

We hope that your company will allow Mr. xxxxxxxx to be employed whilst maintaining a dress code conduct that he adheres to and views as an integral part of his belief.

Should you have any question pertaining to this letter or questions pertaining to religious laws of dress and culture, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,

Muhammed Shoayb

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