you lack details

Q: Salam, I wanted to know the tabeer of my dream. For past two days i saw myself crying in my dream. The first day i saw myself crying because my husband said something to me and i dont remmeber what he said to me and later in the dream he was trying to make up when he saw me upset, the second dream that i saw was i was sitting on the stairs and there was water in front of me, my mother asked me what happened why are you crying, i did not see my mother’s face but heard her voice only. When I woke up if was fajar time. Please replay back to my questions i will be very thankful to you. ZajakAllah
Time: Sunday March 27, 2011 at 7:32 pm

A: Your dream lacks specifics. I am sorry I cannot help you.

Just saying you are crying is not enough. Seeing water is not enough either.

Resend with a little more detail.



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