Q: Asalamu Alaikum
i hve bad waswaas how can i overcome this?
Time: Sunday March 27, 2011 at 8:12 pm

A: و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

What if you do not overcome it!

Wasawis (hidden whispers from shaytan) are an occurrence that is not limited to Muslims but inclusive of all people that are non-prophets. The range of it differs. For example,  a scholar can get it when he hears something that does not suit him. If wasawis (evil whispers) are not monitored it can lead a person towards genuine sins.

For example, a person has negative thoughts about his employer, when the going gets tough a negative blurting can be manifested. Scholars, employees/yers, students, professionals of many types that have not gained insight to themselves have ruined positions by letting wasawis rule them. Brother/sister, current day humans are not free from wasaawis — the gradation varies. You must halt it before it becomes an illness. (Psychological books are replete regarding this behavior – it’s not just a muslim thing!)

Case in point on getting grasp of yourself before you ruin matters:

*One case i got as a result of a seerrah program: i spoke on how Suraqah was in pursuit of the Prophet (SAW) in exchange of 100 camels. Thereafter it was said: in today’s time people sometimes give false information in exchange of monetary and other gain. A mere association with an imaam does not mean data collected is correct or forged, nor does time spent with an imaam indicate credibility. This listener got the feeling that he was being placed under attack and made a phone call seeking clarity if he was the point of reference. The sad brother forgot, he invited me once to speak at a conference on the life of the prophet (SAW), the same story was covered and he not only promoted it, but sanctioned it by virtue of seeking my presence at ‘his’ supposed conference’ knowing well in advance as to the topic.  Yet, the 3rd time he hears it, he gets ‘paranoid.’ My only response, if the cap fits then wear it (and if guilt has overtaken you, than enjoy the ride my brother!) If rational humans do not gain grasp of  wasawis, one can ruin much long term gain. So gain a grasp of yourself before matters get out of hand.

Your cure:

*Dedicate an hour for the Quran. Read salah on time. Be around positive people, negative people create negative thoughts and live to pull you down. Negitive people are selfish and lacking in religious bound direction. Being with people that lack a spritual connection only componds your problem. Fast if possible on days that would not affect school, work, etc. Read the last three surahs of the Quran and reflect upon its meaning. Practice staying in whudhu. Do not look at haram.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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