Imaam has special marital list!

Q: I want to get married. I heard there was a list you have of sisters in the community that want to also get married. How does the process work? How can I see the list? How can I also pick out from the list? Is there such  list that exists?Time: Friday April 8, 2011 at 10:18 pm

A: May you be rewarded for your well intentioned humor. I do understand the need for locals to find spouses as it relates to all types of similarities — including that which relates to geographic convenience.

  • Many parents have made mention regarding daughters and sons that are seeking proposals. My experience with our youth is that they feel that they rather find their own mates unless a huge fish (VERY wealthy, VERY beautiful, etc) would come by. Generally our ‘new’ youth are not willing to accept parental recommendations or Imaam listings.
  • As for myself, as this matter has come up a few times, do you think i would even make such a list public to you (not even knowing you!) I would like to think that our woman folk do have some value. I am also sure i would be a tad bit more discreet to such a listing! Regardless, i do not feel comfortable playing matchmaker, so here goes your chances with me!
  • I agree that a religiously inclined as well as well intentioned person should assist single people attain lifelong partners. I am not going to hold my breath!

Allah Certainly Allah Knows Best.


One response to “Imaam has special marital list!

  1. Great ideas about getting parents involved, but what if you are the only Muslim in your family? I’ve been a Muslim for three years now and am still not hitched! Many of the reverted sister I have known were married within a matter of months after saying their Shahada. Even if I bring up the subject with my Muslim married friends, I’m always told to have more patience.

    This is what I think: If you REALLY want to get married, take it to Allah. In the meantime, don’t dwell on the idea that you are not hitched. Find other things to do with your time and be happy where you are at in your life. And do not have a list of what you want in a future spouse to be unattainable. For example, many men I have been in contact with want a woman of a certain height, age, eye color, hair color, and do not include anything about her religion. Really…just give your whole marriage problem to God! if He wants you to be married in this life, he’ll make a way available for you to marry.