The past is behind us all, a new beginning for American and world history

Press Release:

Utah, May 2, 2011

Muslims are called upon to uplift the values of every society they come into contact with. We remain sad as to every innocent life that has ever been violated pre and post 9/11. As Muslims we sincerely hope that a new chapter would prevail and that human dignity would be maintained. Muslims and America must continue to call for an end to human suffering and humiliation while praying that all negativity is exchanged for human sanctity and respect.

Muslims in America remain confident that the matter relating to Osama Bin Laden would be dealt with swiftly and fairly as well as with appropriate representation of human honor and dignity on every level. American and Muslim honor should never be salvaged in exchange of the good that has been painstakingly worked for throughout the years. Nor must we let any perceived or actual wrong doer remove our ideas of rightfulness.  To stoop to the level of any wrongdoer would never be an American or Muslim thing to do. Islam gives support in purging every wrong and sanctions fair gestures to ensure peace and security for all people within the confinement of laws they live under.  The promoting of good at the time of trail continues to show our true perseverance of justice and honor towards human life.

Muslims continue to mourn the innocent victims of 9/11 – be they Muslim or of their cousin faiths. Muslims and America must continue to move forward and persist in peaceful resolution making strategies to ensure the sanctity of human code of conduct, human life and human honor.

Yours Truly,

Muhammed Mehtar (Imaam)


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