i am ‘edu-ma-cated’ and my proof is that i am part of the ‘MsA’

We usually try and publish all comments and queries unless we feel it  proves a hindrance to the sender or our site. Thus, i apologize; I got a loooooooong email from an msa member. Half of it comprised of rambling and communication that may be viewed as ‘pseudo psycho-intellectual babble (or self-talk.)’ I am sorry but we are not a bulletin board for you to ‘sound off’ or ‘get back’ at any person or institution.

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  1. So you accept others to attack other institutions or individuals but when the victim tries to defend themselves its seen wrong? Others have the right to hear both sides so youth and parents do not get the wrong image of the institution or individuals. Maybe I’m just rambling but this is America, right to the ‘freedom of speech’. Try to be ‘fair’ by accepting ‘all’ or ‘none’ of attacks.

    • Brain thought

      The Imam would have posted the “loooong” email, but obviously u didn’t get why he chose to not post it… just in case u didn’t read; he said “I am sorry but we are not a bulletin board for you to ‘sound off’ or ‘get back’ at any person or institution.”.. so the website is not a battle field u know Muslimah. If the person was ONLY trying for clarification, then the Imam would have put it up, but as the Imam mentioned, the person was trying to “get back”! Why turn MSA conversation to offending arguments? because u sound offended, and confused bro or sis!

    • Who attacked MSA in the first place? for you to make that comment with ur Imam?… could u explain for us?

    • Sister. Please respect the Imam (and anyone else). Even if you have an objection, you need to speak of your concern respectfully.

      And if the Imam decided not to show us this particular comment, then we need to have some level of trust that it was for good reason; it will probably not help us any if the comment was disclosed on the website.

      Salam alaikum

    • Here is why i did not and do not post certain comments: they are as a result of what i view as flawed thinking. Even if your intention is pure! By virtue of example, how can i always give my answers in the following manner:
      *i am sorry if you think that i had forgotten that ‘this is America.’ Some seem to think that i think that i am still residing in my home town in South Africa. Apologies for contributing to such a misunderstanding. If I wore a 3 piece suit would your opinion change of me? Or is it my rough accent?
      *Victim? Strong word. Others? Which others? Is it multiple groups and/or factions? The plural nature usage of this word has created an out of the ordinary curiosity.
      *Why would parents ever get the wrong image if you (and the likes of you) are always doing the right thing at the right time all the time?!.
      *As far as ‘freedom of speech’ goes, can one shout ‘fire’ anywhere and at anytime? Parameters are important you know.
      *Are you merely testing to see if i am really residing in America or my knowledge as it relates to freedom of speech?
      *May you be blessed for your advice on telling us how to run this site. Using your wisdom can i likewise say: ‘this is America.’ Thus, do i really need to accept your ‘all’ or ‘none’ rule. Or is freedom a one way street as defined by you?
      (As they say in fiqh debates, my answer is your answer.)

  2. i dont understand why everyone is pickin on msa???? what is it that they did that everyone keeps critizing about the organization??

  3. As-Salaamu Alayum Confused,

    Imaam, if you do not mind I would like to make a foolish attempt at answering this individuals question.

    “i dont understand why everyone is pickin on msa???”
    Since the “freedom of speech” arrangement has been brought up (brought up by the original person making the comment)–Every individual is entitled to their own opinion. But this does not necessarily answer the question “why”.
    I have not yet read a post or heard someone who has been blunt as for why they do not like the MSA.
    All in all to really seek why would be rather useless and waste a great amount of time that.

    “what is it that they did that everyone keeps critizing about the organization??”
    Unfortunately we live in a world where no matter what you do good or bad you will always be criticized. No one will be standing at the finish line to pat you on your back…well of course perhaps your mum/family/friends.
    The MSA must realize (this is for others too including myself) is that not everyone in your small community will like you. Not everyone at your school will like you, or at your workplace etc. If your aim is to please everyone and have everyone rooting for you then my friend you are walking a dark path called Never-gonna-happen lane.
    Aim to please yourself and your Lord and you will be among that happy ones.
    Lastly, just like past organizations and civilizations the rise and fall of the MSA is not dictated by the public, but rather it is Allah.

  4. (brought up by the original person making the comment)
    No need for the hasty assumption. I can not take credit for a post that is not my own.

  5. Yes definitely.
    I personally have nothing against the MSA or any other organization. I have been to few number of MSA events and found it rather pleasing and enjoyable. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I find their mission admirable, but the methods they utilize to achieve it is quite disappointing.

  6. Bystander either ur the imaam or a mind reader b/c u seem to know what the imaam is thinking. Wats up w all the msa comments, ur not in the msa yet u feel like commenting. The comment says I got a long email, why you”ll talking bout freedom of speach, r u all talking bout somethin else b/c as a member of msa, I dont know what ya”ll talking bout

    • Brain thought

      Muslimah, u seem to have an issue understanding what YOU r talking about! First, you go off with your respected Imam and ramble about freedom, now u go off at other people because they are saying what the Imam said, and then u claim that some people need to be part of MSA so they can comment! DUDE, IT’S A FREE WEBSITE! so either you are the website manger or a claim maker! the website is not MSA’s u know, so u can’t control who comments and who doesn’t, too bad, just like u can’t control what i say u kno, and the MSA doesn’t pay the Imam or anyone for it, so go complain to ur respectful members.
      P.s. Stop playing the innocent role over here, u kno so well what each one of the commenters are saying!
      P.ss I hope you’re enjoying the image you’re giving about MSA u kno, about rambling, disrespecting the website mangers and the imam, and screaming for ur own selfish freedom, that’s a good image of MSA right u so called Muslimah “MSA member”?

  7. Hey Muslimah, do u like the attention all the commenters are giving u? Is that what u r looking for? Just wondering?