‘list of snacks ‘

Note: Here is a list that has been to us by a senior member of the community. This list by no means gives an indication that all the items on this list are halal. This list makes reference to those products that do not contain pork. As Muslims there are many that wish to not only abstain from pork but other animal products that have not been slaughtered through what can be termed as religiously sanctioned methods. This list makes matters easy towards the added nudge of finding out a little more as to the halal nature of products prior to consumption.

A list of snacks without Pork Enzymes (sent to site.)


Time: Tuesday April 12, 2011 at 12:34 pm

May you and your family be always blessed, Ameen.



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  1. I’m confused about what “religiously sanctioned methods” means. Would someone clarify that for me?