‘I am beyond menopause’

Q: ‘I am a woman that is newly divorc3d. do I do iddate.i am 53. There is no chance of a pregnancy. I am beyond menopause.’ plse answer from shafi and hanafee view. This question is from my mother. Thanks. Jazakallah khair (ioq and email)

Answers: May Allah (SWT) make your matters easy for you and your mother.

Ahnaf: Your iddat period would be for three months.

Shawafee: You must be 62 years of age to be viewed as having completed menopause. The shawafees also deem it necessary for such a woman to seek out medical help for attaining menopause prior to being 62 or at least gain clarity as to the menopausal status if she below the age of 62. This is the view of the shafee scholar Imaam Hajar Haythame.  (e.g.: Why is it happening to me before 62?) Thus, in your case you would have to prove that the lapse of menstruating is not due to an incurable illness but rather a genuine menopause situation. If it is related to an illness, a cure would be necessary. Not doing so would affect your period of waiting. Should it be confirmed that you are indeed menopausal and thus menstruating has halted, then in such a situation your iddat would be over in three months.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

kindly ask us questions form one point of view. This would make matters easy for us and less confusing for you.

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