do glyceride products contain pork?

Q: Do glyceride products contain pork? (text)

Answers: All glyceride products do contain pork. This does not mean that all glycerides are permissible for Muslim consumption.

Merely due to an item not containing pork does not always call for it being halal. More often than not, when it states mono and/or diglycerides it can be correctly assumed that the product is from a pig derivative due to the extended usage and cheapness of pig within the food industry. Thus most fatwas call for it being haram.

Facts: Mono and diglycerides can contain animal and/or vegetable elements. It is our shared opinion that  products derived from animals are not always halal. The costs of vegetable glycerides are usually more expensive and thus used much less than its haram counterpart.

If the ingredients list makes clear that the product only has vegetable di or mono glyceride, then in such a case it would be viewed as halal.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


2 responses to “do glyceride products contain pork?

  1. As-salaam-alaikum. Imam knows best. I have read, years ago, in an Islamic book about Halal and Haram products that ingredients such as mono diglyceride are assumed to be halal if the other list of ingredients indicate soy lecithin or soy products. I no longer have this book as it was either lent to me or I lent it to someone but, I am sure that it can be found on the internet search engines. I am an avid reader of ingredients and have always been careful of this matter for my family. We have also been told that we can eat Kosher but, Halal is preferred because Kosher does allow alcohol while Muslims are not permitted to have alcohol. I was not aware of the alcohol fact until I read that as well.

  2. Whenever in doubt, I just believe in avoiding the product altogether. Staying away from pork and pork by products is not much to do for Allah (swt) and for ourselves. Also, lecithin is a derivative of pork, soy lecithin is permitted.