two wrongs never made a right

Q: Banks take riba and give riba. They are filled with haram and i feel oppressed by them. I am charged fees at my bank. Can I pay my bank fees with riba from them? (email)

A: The bank does not force its people to join. To join a bank remains voluntary. If it does not suit you, change banks. If your employer demands, change employment or seek a policy change — if this is your true concern. However, to merely pay with interest the charges rendered to you due to services accepted by you would not be correct.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


One response to “two wrongs never made a right

  1. As-salaam-alaikum. I am again requesting that people use English words so all can understand or Imam please put in parentheses what it means. If you are referring to interest (riba) on bank fees, Imam has explained about Islam and interest in short. I can tell you that there are much more haram (against our faith) things that are affiliated with financing and banks. Firstly, you can get a bank account that does not give interest on your account deposit balance; there are many banks with that type of account. Secondly, you are charged fees for services or sometimes for not doing something like maintaining a balance, go to credit unions, no fee accounts usually no minimum balances required and student accounts (younger kids). Also, you can combine your savings and checking relationship and get deals that way. Thirdly, if you invest at all in the market, those investments can be diversed into haram products, services, etc. Fourthly, if you financed your car or a home, that is haram too and unfortunately, you can only then purchase a more affordable used car without financing and well, in only a few states like California, can you get interest free loans for the purchase of a house; that is too complicated to explain on this website but, has to do with halal (permitted in Islam) investing and Islamic backing. I hope this banking information is helpful to all of you.
    p.s. I believe in working for a bank is haram in Islam because we are helping this system of interest and obviously collecting interest from those under hardship. But, that question should be asked and confirmed by the Imam.