prank question i take it?! Maybe not! I guess it’s the weekend. We answer just in case!

Q: I need help! I am in love with the Muslim Student Association (xxxxx title withheld by site), and i cannot get over it! what is the solution? I am only in high school, got dreams ahead of me! But cannot get him(her) off my head!what is the cure for such love? I feel like I am truly in love with him(her)!!! But (s)he is strange and not saying anything or responding to my texts/emails!! I am sure (s)he will probably get married within his(er) relatives or outside U.S. (S)He is the perfect guy(girl)!! But i know my reality and i have to accept it but how will i deal with this pain!!

Time: Thursday January 20, 2011 at 8:44 pmAnswer:

  • Have a responsible guardian take the matter to him/her, their parents, or those that remain their representatives for such pressing matters.
  • Finish your high school, do not let petty distractions take you away from your True goals.
  • No person is perfect except Prophets – they were free from sin, etc. Do not fool yourself with common humans as even being remotely ‘perfect.’ Such a claim can be viewed as sinful if meant literally. Most we can say: Allah (SWT) has made him/her a nice/good/hardworking/ etc. person.
  • When the time is right, good things would happen for you. Do not force events and issues to occur, it only brings added grief due to unrealistic notions.
  • For now, keep your focus on what is necessary. Those attributes that would make you become the best human you can possibly be.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

kindly read this and the comment posted by audience member.


3 responses to “prank question i take it?! Maybe not! I guess it’s the weekend. We answer just in case!

  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum young girl, I think the advice the Imam is giving is sound and good. There will be a lot of time to fall in love and you will probably fall in love again to the Muslim person whom you will marry. You have this boy’s text, email address which means you both have some sort of contact but, he is interested in marrying elsewhere. Try to accept this, one-sided love will not work. As a woman, it is important that when you do marry a good and respectful Muslim boy, with your parents approval, that he wants to marry you and ,hopefully, adores you because your marriage will be much more pleasant for you if he feels the way you do you about him. Women are to be treasured and I am sure you are a treasure. Allah (swt) has someone exactly for you, just wait and continue to become a good Muslim young woman and everything will fall in place when the time is right. There are many fishes in the sea if you stay on the true path of Islam, Allah (swt) will give you your true match, Insha-Allah.
    Jazakullah Khair

  2. Sara Robison

    I’m not sure if you are of age or not, or how old this love interest of your is, but if you are still in high school then you are correct in believing that you are too young. Perhaps this may be more of a lust-love. If not, I beg forgiveness if I have upset your feelings, and I can only suggest that you turn your heart over to God. He will direct you in all things, and never lead you astray. I have a similar situation, where I have developed deep feelings for a true and honorable man or Islam. We are both of age, but my family completely rejects him. I have been unable to develop feelings or interest in any other man, even though we have not seen or spoken to each other for 8 months. I pray and commit my life, each day, to living by the laws of God, and I know that some day my heart will find peace. Perhaps you should also dedicate your life to God alone in the practice of faith that He will, in his own time, direct you onto the correct path you should travel. I wish you peace, as well as purity of heart and mind.

  3. Asslamu alikum young sister,
    As a member of MSA, I assur`e you my young sister that none of the MSA members (sisters and brothers) is perfect, they all have negatives and positives, and there negatives appear when MSA is undergoing tough times, but have you seen “you MSA favorite person” how he handles the tough times? and I am pretty certain that you haven’t learned what negatives he has, but what’s the matter? why do you need to know what negatives he has when all humans have negatives? Well, because it’s whether we can bear with kind of the negative he has. Don’t judge him, until you really find out who he is.