azan is a link to prayer, and a praying person is a friend of Allah (SWT)

Q: As-salam Aleikum
I am interested in Islam and listen to the Azam in the morning. My heart is filled and I cry. I am on a journey to seek spiritual truth and my path is leading me towards Islam.
What do you suggest as a next step?
Time: Monday December 13, 2010 at 10:07 pm

A: Salutations and greetings:

  • I wish Muslims would take the Azaan as faithfully as you do. Muslims of the past used to also cry when they heard the call to prayer — a cry linked to love — a cry because they could sense due to the strength of faith that Allah was inviting them to the Truth. This is a powerful first step you have introduced yourself towards with the Help of Allah, Ameen. I can tell that God-Allah is really wanting the best for you.
  • Go to your local Islamic center. Speak to qualified people regarding concerns you may have regarding Islam. Do not let fear or perceived intimidation hold you back from getting closer to God whom Muslims call Allah the most Compassionate and Merciful.
  • Since interest has come your way, view it as an inner recommendation from Allah (SWT) the Majestic.
  • I encourage you to study the Islamic system of belief, listen to the audio which are online by Martin Lings, view the works of Bill Moyers ( PBS,)  read good books that are also written by Martin Lings, John Esposito, Karen Armstrong, etc. Although I would not vouch for any modern day author to the extent of 100%, these authors can assist in giving you a nudge towards the right direction.
  • Know full well that conversion is never an excursion. At the same time know well that although conversion has anguish (at times) attributed to it, if done for the right reasons, a conversion has in it the ability to transform lives. I am also convinced, sincere conversion can make you better than us ‘older’ Muslims who have at times lost true appreciation of the faith of Islam.

Wish you well in the pursuit of the Truth. Just in case any of you forget, we are here to help on matters of religion — even if it takes us a while.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

One response to “azan is a link to prayer, and a praying person is a friend of Allah (SWT)

  1. worried mother

    Alhamdu-lillah. It is good to hear someone in this day and age feel what was felt by the Ummah (followers) who came to Islam because of the Adhan (call to prayer) I experienced this once when someone recited our Surah Fatiha in a conference building and non-Muslims were crying. It was quite a sight for me and I felt I had gone back in time. Good luck to you on your spiritual path. Welcome to Islam. May you find peace and a good moral life in the teachings of the Holy Quran. Ameen.

    Peace be with you.