not just a ‘western country’ issue anymore

Q: Asalmualaikum

I am a 17 year old muslim teenager living in a western country. I have two questions. The first one is is masturbating without looking at anything halal? Also how should one quit masturbation?
Thank you
Time: Saturday February 5, 2011 at 11:08 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

I appreciate your concern in wanting to do the correct thing as it relates to your body and faith. Living in an age of graphical/optical allusion — a time period in which people present themselves inaccurately so as to create attraction from strangers does not make matters any more easier for your youth. At the same time, a person must take note of the causes of such actions.

The Eyes: People that constantly view movies/television/internet graphics/images and other media types, etc. assist themselves in creating thoughts  that are often unwanted. These thoughts often cultivate the seeds of internal (inappropriate) desire, these desires lead to action and thoughts that are sometimes forbidden. The more frequent the thoughts presented by media, the greater the chances of indulging within the framework of incorrect behavior. The eyes see it, the heart craves it, this cycle continues until the desire is fulfilled. Thus, i appreciate you wanting to nip it at the initial stage.

Thus, it is not a surprise as to why traditional religions including Islam view masturbation as an action that is haram regardless of having a visual aid or not.
Such an action reduces sensitivity to the organ in question. As faith-holders, we must protect all our organs from every type of harm (derived from quran.)
You have to trust that your Creator is watching you, or a parent is besides you.  Your constant though of knowing you being Watched would assist you in letting go of such a habit.

The following covers our view point with greater clarity,

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


One response to “not just a ‘western country’ issue anymore

  1. As for quitting: You are talking about an addiction. Alcoholics who want to quit need to stay away from bars and places with alcohol. You need to stay away from places where you are alone. Try to spend time in public places. Also when an urge hits you, do something to take your mind off it (for example you could pray).

    You may also want to talk to some one you can trust, maybe a parent or a religious leader (not anonnomously). This will help because you will have to talk to them again and you are not ping to want to let them down.