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Q: Yesterday, I submitted a question to you, but upon further reflection I realized that I should have included my reason for asking. So, please ignore me previous submission. I asked if it is harem or forbidden to attend and/or participate in bodybuilding competitions. I am asking this because I attend competitions in order to gain inspiration for my own physical goals. I see those who have worked so hard, up on stage, and I can see that they have achieved what I want so badly. They are living testaments to me that a tone and fit physical body is possible. ‘They did it, so can I’. As for competing, once I achieve my physical goals, I would like to stand along side those who inspired me, so that I may inspire others. However, I’ve been told that to display my body in such an immodest manner is harem, and that to look upon men and women while they are dressed scantily is harem, no matter the reason. I would go online to see pictures and gain inspiration, but in my mind they are
not ‘real people’, and seeking pictures online can lead to seeking other things online that I do not wish to be tempted with.

Time: Tuesday February 1, 2011 at 3:16 pm

A: Humans are  ‘inspired’ by different things. Some by the novels/magazines they read, others by the networks they form. All these ‘little entertainments’ would come to an end. Since inspiration is what you are seeking, go and sit with a 6 year old that has memorized the quran and request them to read it to you. Go to countries wherein people are viewed as ‘backward’ and notice how well they have memorized most of the Quran. Go and sit next to a 90 year man that has never missed except a few days in his life teaching Bukari. More inspiration  sort?

Try reviewing the life of the companions of the Rasool of Allah. They did not need weights for a pep up — they had a Higher goal. I guess little things would continue to thrill little people.

If these things are not your cup of tea, then this would function as proof that your physical heart is strong, yet your spiritual heart is in need of refueling. We are all in need of such refueling from time to time.

From both your queries, shaytan is attempting to twist your mind regarding the field of body building. Allah is trying to guide you. Choose wisely.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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