your womb is not toys R’us for the wealthy

Q: A family member of ours in (xxxxx) was approached to loan out her stomach for giving birth to a child. many woman in (xxxx) are doing it for people in europe. Is this allowed? would the money be halal?(text)

A: To loan out the womb is not permissible. This is a forbidden (haram) option. It must be abstained from at all costs.

This modern day occurrence of ‘womb loaning’ generally constitutes an exploitation of the poor at the expense of the wealthy. The wealthy not being able to attain children remains an example that wealth is not always a blessing and not being able to gain children thus functions as a worldly humiliation for them. Accepting ones condition of not having children would not be defined as humiliation, for a believer accepts that everything happens for a reason. Similarly, this ‘loaning of the womb’  has turned woman into products of social exploitation for minor economic gain and babies into objects of purchase.

Allah (SWT) has not allowed for certain people to be able to give birth for reasons He knows best. To tamper with the biology and/or system of Allah (SWT) as done through the system of ‘loaning’ out the womb is not only an exploitation of people lacking in funds, but also shows insensitivity to human life and the value associated to it.

Money earned through such a haram measure would always be forbidden. Haram earnings and earnings through exploitation of human life and human dignity would always be reduced in barakah (blessedness) regardless of its temptation or outer lucrative appeal. (Derived from Quran and hadith.)

Wealth accumulated through haram means only calls for restlessness of the heart and begs calamities of all types from the Creator. (Derived from Quran)

Allah Certainly Knows Best


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