enjoy your meal?

Q:Alsalam Alaikum Imam,
what is the ruling about eating in the masjid?
Jazakum Allah Khairan
Time: Monday January 10, 2011 at 10:28 pm

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

  • Not haram to do so.
  • Follow the rules of the musjid to avoid conflict. If the rules are unfair, take it up to the people in charge. Best to eat in the areas that are designated for eating.
  • Eat in a private area is the food gives off a strong unwanted odor.
  • At the time of the sahaba they eat very little. The food was not as messy as it seems in today’s time. Sahaba were not given the luxury of a musjid kitchen, large parking lots, cars to sit in for a sumptuous meal, etc. Eating in the musjid for the sahaba was not an issue as it is for current Muslims. For us eating in general remains a a luxury, for Sahaba is was a matter of survival. These facts must be kept in mind as one seeks to eat in the musjid.
  • One should not eat in front of others if sufficient food does not exist, or if you just do not like to share.
  • In light of the meals of today, we suggest one eats in the area that has been designated for a person to eat at. Place a nice paper, cloth under the eating area to maintain the dignity and sanctity of the place of worship.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

One response to “enjoy your meal?

  1. worried mother

    AMEEN. Imam has indicated the we are to “maintain the dignity and sanctity of our place of worship”. In Khadeeja Mosque, I have seen curry handprints on the walls, particles of food on the prayer rugs, drink stains (thank goodness we have switched only to water), water bottles and garbage laying around because the mothers do not watch their children and allow kids to walk around eating and drinking and of course dropping without cleaning up after them. Sometimes, it is too late to remove the stains once something has spilled. In Noor Mosque, I have seen in the womens building rice on the carpets and food thrown without any covering placed when they eat on Sundays for Sunday school. It seems our masjids are not kept as clean as our homes which is a shame and should be a sin. Allah (swt) house should have “dignity” as the Imam has indicated. The men do not have this problem because the young children are with the women to care for. I wish they would totally stop eating in the mosque except in the open entrance area for Khadeeja and designate an area for Noor. Quite frankly, why do Muslims need food to come and pray? Do we need the incentive? All of us would not starve or get ill if we missed one meal or delayed it. In fact, maybe it would be good for our Iman and make us more pious.