Saturday Night Out at the Prayer Hall: Event starts at 6pm sharp

Have you ever thought to yourself: Why do I feel empty inside?  Who am I? Where am I going in life? 

Come join the Saturday night get together and you just might get your answers. There will be stimulating discussions on various topics that are of interest to our youth. There will also be poetry. Brothers and Sisters are invited. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the time we have to enrich our lives.

Don’t you think we owe a little time to Allah the most Merciful?

For details, kindly contact: Religious Affairs: Br. Habib Sarfraz: 550-7266

This event is done in conjunction with talks on the life of the Prophet (pbuh)

Those boys that wish to sleep over on Saturday night may do so. kindly make sure you bring the appropriate things need for a great night of worship and sleep.

2 responses to “Saturday Night Out at the Prayer Hall: Event starts at 6pm sharp

  1. Assalama Alaikoum,
    Is there a lecture friday night also?

    • Friday night is the interfaith get together. Although I have not promoted this particular, I do however encourage you, your friends and teachers in particular to attend. It would benefit all people of faith.
      *Due to us becoming a media dependent people, the data to be shared constitutes misinformation of many types as it relates to each of us.
      *Awful consequences of not getting things right.
      Topics for your benefit include: American foreign policy and its sociological impact, traditional media has supreme limitations as reflected within the sphere of recent Middle East events, media framing of 9-11 and its continual backlash on all of humanity.

      You need to attend because media affects you just as much as you affect media.

      5:30 p.m. Socialize with guests
      6:00 p.m. Call to prayer
      6.25 p.m. Welcome by president Dr Hossain
      6:30 p.m. (20 minute lecture with Q & A to follow)
      For more information regarding the program send us your query right here or contact Mrs. Noor Ul-Hasan

      Thanks for your query,