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Q: Hi,

Questions: I’m LDS (Mormon) with no intention to convert, but I recently attended Friday prayers, and I enjoyed it very much and felt very welcome.  I have some doctrinal questions:

1.  What is the role of women and mothers in Islam?
2. What do Muslims believe about premortal life?
3.  What do Muslims believe about life after death?
4.  What do Muslims believe about repentance and overcoming sin?
5.  What religious beliefs do muslims have about the role of marriage and family?
Time: Sunday January 2, 2011 at 8:31 pm

A: If any of our (interfaith) members of our audience care to answer these questions, it would give you practice. I would correct anything i deem incorrect. Go for it. They are simple enough for most of you,  i see no harm in making an attempt towards them. These are common questions asked of us. It would help you greatly in ‘Utah.’

Good luck


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  1. Since writing these questions, I have had several discussions with my Muslem friend, read much of the Quran (in translation), and read quite a bit of this blog.

    I have some of the answers I was looking for, but I am still very interested in how people might answer my questions.

  2. worried mother

    Peace be with you. I will address your first question. What is the role of women and mothers in Islam? I will tell you that the mother is given the highest rank in Islam next to Allah (swt)/God. It is written that first is Allah (swt)/God, second is your mother, third is your mother, fourth is your mother and then comes your father. This means the mother has that much importance compared to your father or even a Bishop or Reverand or an Imam. It is also said that “Jannah (paradise) is at the feet of the mother”, which shows the importance that Allah (swt)/God has given to someone who has conceived, carried, delivered and nurtured a child. The most important role in this world is bringing up this child to be the man/or woman, in your case man, that you will someday be a great Muslim and good and decent human being. Because of this importance given to women and right only given to the women, since men were not given the ability to conceive, women actually have more rights. A woman does not have to work and if she does, her income can be used for herself because the man should provide the financial support. A woman in Islam, can own property, has rights to inheritance which are not given in other faiths, like Judaism. I am only touching some of the things women have in Islam and thereby their position in Islam is highly respected according to Allah (swt). Some people are unaware that many, many, I am unsure to the exact numbers but thousands, hadiths (the book that we refer to for guidance of how to live our lives as a good Muslim example based on the way the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived) actually came from the Prophet’s (pbuh) wife. So Muslim men are following a woman’s guidance, per say.
    As for your other questions, the answers would be too long for me to answer in this form and easier for discussion which you have already had with other Muslims. I had this discussion with a Mormon woman just the other day but, it took some time to put it properly which I am not sure I have done so in print. The Imam can comment on my answer to your question and clarify more.
    As-salaam-alaikum. peace be with you

  3. Here are answers to your other questions:

    2. What do Muslims believe about premortal life?

    Answer: In our doctrine their was no great controversy and there were no third of the spirits which chose sides as it is with some christian sources including the LDS church.

    We believe that god took Adam’s progeny till the end of time and they all swore that he is one and he is their Lord.

    3. What do Muslims believe about life after death?

    Answer: There will be another life after this one ophysical and spiritual. There is no redemption but with works that are good, and anyone who worships not the absolute monotheistic God (arabic Allah)
    will have his works rejected and shall enter hell fire.

    As for all the monotheistic folks judgement shall ensue and any one whose bad deeds outweigh his good deeds he shall have to do time in hell fire till he pays for them then eventually he will receive grace by gods mercy alone.

    4. What do Muslims believe about repentance and overcoming sin?
    Answer: There is no grace or repentance except through worshipping the one and only God. Repentance is achieved not by shedding blood on the cross by some one, but rather by acknowledging one’s own actions and thereafter mending his ways in light of what is required by holy scripture.

    • i cannot thank ‘you’ and ‘worried mother’ for taking out the time to answer on this section.
      These responses are to sure help those that must deal with such questions.
      May Allah bless you both as well as your families.

  4. Thank you. I have a couple more questions.

    Yasir: So you are saying we existed as spirits before we were born (according to Islam)?

    Worried Mother: I find it interesting that there are seldom many women at the Masid; I know you have a separate space for worship, but I would still expect to see women coming and going. Also, do you think there is a significant difference between what Islam teaches about women and how women are treated within some Islamic cultures?