‘Engaging in pre-marital acts’

Q: Salaam walikum,

It is kind of hard  for me to ask this question, becuase I do not know how, exactly. But, here I go. What is the consequences and responsiblities of those who concieve a child  prior to marriage? Engaging in pre-marital acts , and (untentionally)  conceving child.SW,

Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته


  • Premarital relationships reduce barakat in ones life.
  • Adultery and premarital relationships remove blessedness of substance and the honor of a first meeting with ones future spouse.
  • Such actions ensure poverty and/or emptiness of the heart.
  • You would always be in relational fear, to cover this fear, you would have to indulge in greater wrongs.
  • It also begs disrespect from parents, in-laws,  spouses, friends, etc.
  • Shaytan  provokes such a person with negative thoughts of the past which would cause you to suffer guilt and emotional scars that follow with it.
  • If guy/girl did not marry you, you would inevitably feel used.
  • Such relationships are also a potential cause to the spread of disease.

A2: A child from a relationship in which the parents of the child did not get married and conceived a child, such a child would be viewed as illegitimate, thus, the child would take the name of the mother. The child would not be attributed to the father, nor would this child be eligible for a direct inheritance from the father. The father can make a bequest of no more than a one-third of the estate if he so chooses for this illegitimate child, however, the father is not bound by law to make a bequest for this illegitimate.
Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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