I really don’t want to get ‘high’

Q: at hospital a cancer patient is told that if she smokes medical mirajuna it would help reduce her bad conditions, increase her appetite and reduce her pain and also help with intake of legal medication. Without going into the details can a person use an intoxicant if it is haram? She is refusing and her parents are pushing for her recovery.  Can we benefit it from a haram product? This is the debate we are undergoing and need you to bring closure to this matter form a fiq point of view (Email and phone query seeking a written response)

A: The principle in religion is simple: when a person is in extreme need as described by you and this need relates to their survival, also withstanding that every halal alternative to acquiring a cure prior to indulging in the mentioned intoxicant has been exhausted —  then and then only would the consumption of medical marijuana be considered religiously sanctioned.

It must be prescribed by doctors of Muslim appeal and repute, or the case must be evaluated by reptable muslim doctor(s) or those professional Muslims that understand the given field prior to her usage of such a substance.

In fatawa shami it is also stated that such consumption of intoxicants must not be for pleasure. Pleasure usage of any intoxicant is viewed as forbidden (haram.)

Allah certainly knows Best.

p.s. May Allah (SWT) award her and her family a speedy recovery and ease in her moments of distress, Ameen.


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