wash or wipe?

Q. My question is about Masah. Explain in detail if possible?
Also many Hanfi people used to Masah on cotton cloths (socks) instead of leather socks, does it correct? To whom  Masah is allowed on cotton socks? Please verify all.

Time: Friday December 17, 2010 at 3:55 am

A: It is our contention that if one has an injury on the feet and water seeping upon such an injured area would aggravate the injury, than under such conditions Masah would be allowed on that given area of the foot or as needed for such an individual due to the clause of ‘necessity.’

Majority of the scholars, even those that allow for wiping over the socks agree that washing the feet is absolutely the more correct thing to do. When two opinions exist, we believe that one must always follow the safer opinion. Likewise, the Quran states: wash your feet, and thus when a choice exists between Quran, Hadith, sunnah and qiyas, we should always give first preference to Quran as our primary choice.

In matters that are  as sacred as salah we recommend you wash your feet rather than make masah over the socks.

Kindly read the following.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. I am unaware as to what you mean by: ‘please verify all.’ We are also curious as to who this unique hanafi scholar is!


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