hindu dot on muslim woman forehead

Q: we went to a wedding. My sister was wearing a dot on her head like the actresses to in the movies. An elder came a told her it is haram sister to have this dot. she says it not really a dot but like a dot. Can u xplain to my sister please. I btw agree that this elder was right. She says it was not a dot but to everyone it is. thankx. (text)

A: The dot that you are talking about is part of the hindu culture. For a Muslim to wear it is truly haram. The elder was correct in his/her claim. Muslim woman have an attire and dress code that they should be proud off. To wear a dot represents the pinnacle of shirk attire. Even if the dot is shaped in the form of a diamond, square, etc. the same rule would apply.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. I would like to add to what the Imam said and say to this young girl that the fashions of movie stars are not supposed to filter into our Muslim lives. In India, the Hindus wear these dots as part of their religion, red for marriage, and also for fashion, different colors to match their clothing but, the orginal significance is their faith. I always tell non-Muslims who ask, “why do you not wear a dot?” that it is because I am not Hindu. We should not try to be fashionable and loose our true identity. If we follow Indian films then soon we will say it is okay to show your whole midriff in the clothing the film stars wear. Everything has its place and decency needs to prevail in our community, weddings especially because others learn from our religious events like a wedding so, clothing, makeup, dots, sleeveless outfits, midriffs showing, etc. Always be proud of being unique with our culture but, not hide being a Muslim behind a dot of fashion. It is good to ask this question, it would be better if parents would address these issues with their children but, a sister was concerned and asked for her sister, to clarify. I admire your courage to ask and hope your sister does not think having a dot is such a big deal in her fashion, instead I am sure she is already a beautiful girl and has her own fashion sense. Ah, to be young. I was once too.
    Allah hafiz.

  2. It depends on WHY she wears a dot. If she wants to imitate Hindus in their faith, then of course that’s wrong. But if it’s not her intention to imitate Hindus, then inshaAllah it’s ok.

    Many women wear trousers… Doesn’t mean they WANT to imitate men, it’s just a habit.

    • wearing a dot versus wearing a trouser is just not the same thing.
      Trouser everyone wears, woman, men, girls, boys, jews, christians, muslims, hindus, buddhists, etc.
      Dot is for hindus and its related sects. It is just a no- no for Muslims. All scholars are unanimous on this last point.