pork and alcohol seller haunts muslim heart

Q: I am an investor here in England. Most of my property was handed down from family. Our clients were established over the years. I had little to do with our clientele. I have begun to turn to religion and and it has made a difference in my life after I have joined Alhamdulillah the brothers of tabligh. Some of my new brothers int he group have told me about my investments being haram.  I want to know from a scholar if it is permissible to rent out my properties to major chain stores that sell pork and alcohol? I am not shopping for answers. So what you say would be accepted.

A: As Muslims we must support those institutions that share our common values of doing good. To sell alcohol on your property is (partly) to contribute to additional societal corruption and losses. As people of good, we must own the best and receive our wealth from that which is most pure. (Likewise, when we are to give, we are to give our best — ayah) The wealth we receive is undoubtedly to affect our level of faith.

If a chain store that does not sell that which is religiously prohibited approaches you, it would be best to first give them a chance.

However, since the nonmuslim has permissibility to selling these vices, permissibility does exist for them to deal in such articles. As for a Muslim living in nonMuslim lands, permissibility exists to renting out your property to those that sell pork and alcohol. However, this permissibility is with karahat (makrooh – a frowned upon action.)

Gradually look for better tenants. Tenants that chose to uphold the best of societal values in all matters. It may take time, others have done it, so can you inshallah.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. Print and take this answer to your local fatwa board for an added viewpoint.

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