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Message: aoa
i am a muslim  girl.there is one muslim biy .we love each other and we want to get married.he is 23 and i am parents also approve of him.they also want me to get married to tht guy as i refused to get married anywhere else.they also like this boy.but the boys mother is not willing for him to get married to me.she made false accusations on me in front of my parents.but still my parents are agreed to this boy .they said they will be happy to get me married to him but only whn his mother agrees.his father also agrees to my proposal but his mother doesnt.she says tht she will marry him to any girl he says except me.the prob is she wont sgree in any situation and my parents would marry me only if she agrees they wont marry me without her because people will then talk behind our backs tht they married their daughter to her choice whn even the boys mother was not agreed upon is it permissible for me to get into nikkah with this boy without telling my parents? i must state tht
we r deeply in love and emotionally attached and my parents knw tht too.they knw i wont get married to anyone else

Time: Wednesday January 5, 2011 at 1:54 am

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