school time jungles — doing good deeds just got easier

Q: Assamoalaikum Imam,
I have the hardest time in being consistent in all the good deeds I start or all my good deeds in generally.  I heard that Allah(s.w.t) tests our consistency and I just feel like I always fail in this test. Can you please advice me, how to improve my consistency in all my good deeds inshallah. I start every good deed with so much energy, motivation and excitement and somewhere down the line I just feel less motivated or less energetic or lazy . What should I do in these moments when i feel weak and  then I tend to fail in my consistency.
Jazakumallhu khair for your advice and May Allah(s.w.t) reward you for all that you do for the community. Ameen

Time: Monday January 10, 2011 at 12:21 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

May Allah (swt) bless our audience for always seeking positive change in their lives. Always remember, shaytan only troubles us when we attempting to do something good with ourselves. Thus, knowing this fact about shaytan, you should be more inclined to doing good instead rather than allowing distractions take over your good actions. People that fail in doing usually want to to do ‘too much good’ all at once. To not over power yourself ‘with doing all good all at once.’ Go slow and be consistent. Build a solid foundation of consistent good. This is what Islam teachers us.

Kindly read the following which has already been made public. It is general advice, however, it can help you with improving on all types of good actions.

‘Consistency and having an eye on an end goal(s) is necessary to minimize distractions and increase personal satisfaction and success. Distractions come in many forms – parking matters, video games, constant email-checkups, online chats with new ‘buddies,’ professor having a poor lecture planned, hearing in on a parental conflict, peer pressure matters, weather, bumping into a friend that refuses to pay you money owed, not comprehending a lesson and putting the lack of comprehension off till exam week/day, matters related to burn out, not having an end goal that is valued beyond the aspect of monetary gain, etc. Coupled to some of these factors, on a given day, we let so many things pull us down from our smarts. Yet, we consider ourselves strong and student-like. An evaluation is necessary as to what is really bothering you.

For example, in order for students to succeed: students must ask themselves: what am i doing that causes me to lag behind in what I am to be best in. After all, a student by definition as that individual that excels in student related matters. For example, if a student is having an over sleeping problem, then they must find a way to cut the excess sleep and use this extra time to focus on your studies. Sure, extra sleep can be attained on Sundays, or when sleep is going to be least impacting upon your studies.’

‘As for those other things that distract you, we do realize that it is hard for some people to not be bothered by their friend not paying them back their favorite $5.00 loan; for such related matters,  dedicate 45 minutes a day to catch up on such events/trivialities. Leave it to only to 45minutes a day. Preferably these 45 minute sessions would be prior to your exercise, family time, relaxing time — all of which are important for the benefit of the mind.’

Try the above suggestions and let us know how it works. The above would have to be tried out for an entire semester without fail.  Kindly read this as well as this for added benefit.

We thank you for your query, we pray that all of us are able to do the best of actions at all times, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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