can nonMsulim touch a muslim for fun?

Q: Asalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu! Imaam hoping your in good health inshallah, I was wondering if getting a piercing by a XXXXXX (disbeliever) was allowed or not if not, why?

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A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

Hadith: Modesty only brings goodness. Also another Hadith states: modesty is part of imaan.

Reality: Allah (SWT) has given value to each human. For us to attain spiritual success, we must appreciate the worth Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon us. The spiritual worth we give to ourselves is directly linked to our faith (imaan.)

It is not that Islam prohibits cordial relations with people other faiths. Rather, there are certain aspects that remain personal to each human. Some of these boundaries are human made.  Muslim  rules however are derived from Quran and Sunnah as it relates to boundaries. Our rules  exist as spiritually enhancing.

Bases of ruling as it relates to piercing:

  • Disbeliever must not touch the body of believer (female) when a Muslim exists to do the same exact function (for a fellow believer.)
  • If a piercing is to take place, it should be done on those parts of the body that represent dignity, modesty (haya) and the piercing  must function as a non-resemblance to those that are cultures and groups opposed to Islam in their affairs. (Thus, Muslims are limited as to what they can have pierced and the manner in which their bodies can be pierced.)
  • Certain parts of the body should not be touched by strangers — be they Muslim or nonMuslim, thus some parts of the parts would be off limits when it comes to piercings. Thus, as it relates to ears, it is viewed as private (area of non-display) for a woman; thus, it cannot be touched/seen by  ‘strange males.’
  • There are two opinions as it relates to ear piercings. One says it is part of disfiguring of the body, yet others (Ahnaf and hambalies) agree that it can be done. When two opinions exist, we should always be more cautious when doing a given function. Thus, it is our contention that since ear piercings are a luxury and not necessity, it must be done female on female, and preferable, Muslim female on Muslim female, for a Muslim female is awrah (private) to strangers men. (Likewise it is also highly preferred that she not be displayed to any disbelieving persons under general conditions.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best
Kindly read the following for added insight to the matter.
p.s. We recognize your name. Hope you and your family remain continually in the best of health — spiritual and physical.


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    what about being friends with non muslimz?

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