what flavor do i burn tonight?

Q: in our family we burn agar batti. It is like an insesce from asia. sometimes we burn it on the day our grandmother died. Can you tell me the reward for it?

A: To insist on burning incense on a given day is an act of bidah. Refrain from the actions of bidah.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. If I may suggest, burning incense generally is okay but the Imam is saying to do this only for an anniversary of a loved ones death or on a particular day for rememberance is bidah; instead I suggest to remember your loved one and do a good thing by reading one chapter of the Holy Quran thereby, replenishing your soul and remembering that person in a good way. In this way, your rememberance is causing you to do a good act in this world that you maybe are not doing regularly. Also, I believe that agarbathi burning is probably a thing your family does because good smells like athar (perfume) bring angels? Well, I guess at least bad smells would deter them. Agarbathi has a nice calming effect, we like to burn it on Eid days ourselves before we leave for prayers.