‘Deceased left a house’

Q: Deceased left a house worth Rs. 30,00,000
I need your guidance on inheritance:
Deceased died leaving behind
1.    One Widow
2.     Five Daughters (1 of them living with deceasd’s real brother as he has no child)
3.     One Real Brother (Alive as mentioned above)
4.     Two real sisters  (Alive)

(Parents already died before deceased)

Please guide me for disbursement of inheritance.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Time: Sunday December 5, 2010 at 10:38 am

A: Upon  paying burial expenses, settling debts and fulfilling bequests that does not exceed one-third of the total estate, the estate will be divided into 480 equal shares and distributed in the following manner:

wife receives 60 shares

daughter  receives 64 shares

brother receives 50 shares

sister shall receive 25 shares

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

p.s. Kindly contact your local mufti as well as accountant for greater clarification.

One response to “‘Deceased left a house’

  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum Imam, I was not aware that a sister or brother had any rights on shares of property, I thought only children did? And is it relevant if the brother or sister lived with the person who has passed away? When my father passed away, he had indicated much earlier that he wanted all of his shares of his house to be given to me and my brother, we were the youngest, but one of my older brothers and his family lived there and as we went on and married with our own families, both of us did not ask for any share of the house. Instead, my brother was to give my mother her share who lives with another sibling BUT my sister is still upset that my father’s wishes were not carried out and wants my brother to give me and my other brother our shares. I have a home, my brother is the most rich with 3 homes so, we don’t want to burden my brother with having to refinance to give our shares, is this a wrong thing to do and can the decease designate his shares to be distributed to only 2 siblings instead of all of them? Also, what about the case of my husband who bought his parents home for them and when the mother leaves us, should other siblings that don’t live in the house like a daughter be given money for the property, after all, the siblings live in the house and will not sell it. I think this becomes a burden to distribute property when people are living in it, this only occurs when it is time to sell, right? and that is decided by all who inherit?