marraige and dolphins

i did my istakhara few days ago…. the situation on the guy is very hard and uneasy to be accepted by my family and many other. Regardless my heart and gut feeling tell me he is very pious n honest guy.
I did my istakhara.. i saw *a family friend* (my shaikh’s daughter) i am at her house and Saw 3 dolphins (FISH) and they belong to me… in my dream… the dolphines came running towards me…

Could you plz interpret this?

may Allah give you kheir..

ma as salama..

Time: Sunday November 14, 2010 at 4:36 pm

A: Do not bring anyone into your family nor go into anyone’s family when resistance exists. In the long run, this causes a greater set of unwanted problems. ‘Pious and honest guys’ do not marry woman when their (males) parents or the parents of the female are saying no. ‘Pious guys’ move on and depend on Allah (swt.)

I do agree that he may be religious and that both of you want to do the correct thing, however, in order to do the correct thing, a correct method must also be instituted as part of the decision making process. You need to discuss this matter with your parents in a fair and rational manner. All resonings must be presented in a non-emotional  manner and a good hearing must be given to each party.

The sheiks family is good. Allah (swt) has blessed them in many ways. Be ready for some uphill battles in your life. Deal with these battles in a good manner so that you may attain the greatest assistance from Allah (swt.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum young, Muslim girl. If you value your parents and want them to be a part of your future life with a husband and children, and you will, please consider the reasoning behind why your parents may be against this marriage. If you have faith in Allah (swt) and that he has made someone just for you, wait and see who that is. Time will not hurt either of you, and having your family in your life will truly be valued as you have your own family. As a mother, I can tell you that Islam gives your mother the highest position in Islam, interpreting dreams are not needed nor istikhara, when you are not respecting what Allah (swt) has stated, that she is only second to Allah (swt). I think istikhara is good if you had been choosing between 2 suitors that your parents were okay with and could not decide but, it should not be used to go against your parents. I don’t think you will get a clear answer to do this. Parents want their children to be happy and taken care of and always a better life for them, they may have reasons that you are not able to understand and if you are in love, you cannot see openly. You are still young, and time can only tell. Do not make any rash decisions. Our marriages are the melting of two families, not just the indviduals, and that is what makes Islam so great, we have value of our parents, appreciate their guidance and always mutually want to be pleasing to them and they are pleased by us. Confide with your mother your feelings and discuss what is the issue.