are somethings only haram in ramadaan?

Q: My sister is asking me to ask you why is tv and dvds, cutting hair, nail polish, video games haram in ramadaan? (email)


  • To watch the news or other good programs that need to be watched would not be forbidden anytime of the year. Example, national geographic channel for school projects, work related viewing which remain part of ones employment, etc.
  • To continue with having the best of values at all times, ee do suggest, seek an excuse from those set of things that areĀ unnecessary — be they video games, etc.
  • Men can cut their hair anytime. No prohibition for them, highly prefered that they are not in the state of impurity (janabat.) Woman can likewise can shave parts of the body other than theĀ head. Woman can also cut that which is necessary for them to cut during the fast.
  • Hennah too can be used at anytime. Nail polish has a layer attributed to it which invalidates ablution, thus the salah would be invalid. Fast would go through with deprivation in the quality of fast if salah is voided intentionally.
  • Video games that have violence attributed to them should be refrained from at all times. We are to be peaceful in all our doings.

These answers are for year round events and not just limited to Ramadaan. We are not Muslims for one month of the year.

We appreciate you seeking clarity. Best wishers in all your doings.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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