dua at the look of Ka’ba, kiss stone, do i should my needs

Q: Bismillah
Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah Shaykh,

I have been receiving e-mails (via a group which I didn’t subscribe to) from a wahabi (who seems to really want to help educate muslims). Although she mentions a few good points, I get very distressed reading how she says several incorrect  things about islam. I am pasting two of her most recent e-mails below. How does one respond to this person? I’ve tried a couple times before & she started criticizing non-wahabi Shuyukh (i.e., certain Hanafi ulama). Is it obligatory/ recommended for me to correct her incorrect beliefs?
JazakAllah khair.

Time: Sunday October 17, 2010 at 6:57 am

A: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

It is very difficult due to our time constraint to answer all your questions and read through all that you have sent. All that which you have sent can be answered with basic wisdom. Much of what i read is good however wrongly interpreted at times.

Some points within the article do seem extreme in the manner in which they are presented. To avoid confusion and due to the extensive length of what you have sent us, we cannot place it here. The response we are to share would suffice as follows:

  1. To limit oneself to making dua only at the time of looking at the ka’ba would not be ideal, to insist that one not make dua at the time of seeing the ka’ba due to sheer happiness would also be incorrect and part of being ungrateful. To remember Allah (SWT) at the time of happiness is an established action of good religious etiquette. What can be said by the authors is the following: when in front of the ka’ba remember Allah on a greater account and making dua would not be a sin if done out of love for Allah (SWT).
  2. As for kissing the black stone, to insist upon it, to fight or trample people to get to it is incorrect and would constitute sin. Our love for the Black Stone is due to our prophet (PBUH) showing respect for it. The sahaba likewise also agree that love for the Stone was due to the love/affection the Prophet (SAW) showed for it. To insist upon kissing it would not be correct.
  3. Shouting out duas is not from the etiquette of making dua (ayah.) The best dua is done with love and affection as the Quran instructs us. Duas done by group leaders to teach group members on how to make dua is not a sin. Best dua is what a seeker requests from their Allah (SWT) in a patient manner. Allah (SWT) loves for us to ask Him for our needs. Asking with love is also an act of worship. Kindly read this and this.

Advice to you: Be around people that are non-confrontational. Be around people that are positive and inclined to elements of love and truth. All emails do not need to be read by you. All emails do not need to affect you in an adverse manner. May you be Blessed by the Almighty for your love for His religion, Ameen.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.

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