Added information to your (spritually) healthy eating habits

Here is a great article for meat eaters or folks that want to eat EVERYTHING. For example, what is the position of consuming spinal marrow within the parameters of the religion? Do people really eat spinal marrow? Some cultures may have a preference for it, thus a dialogue has occurred relating to it amongst the senior scholars of the past.

Although some say it is permissible, there are those that add it to the 7 prohibited things that Muslims cannot eat, thus making it 8 prohibited portions that cannot be eaten from an animal. Regardless, despite the majority opinion being that spinal marrow is permissible, kindly read this well written yet simple article that deals with that which goes into your stomach.

Also kindly view the Arabic proof from classical works within this work. It calls for appreciation of what our predecessors have done for our understanding of religion. Students would appreciate this kind of academic work. (Or at least they should!)

May Allah Bless the young and blessed Mufti Ishaaq for sending the idea of this matter to us, Ameen.


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