Woman dating, Quran and treatment of woman, pants and woman

Q: Asalam aleykum,
Sorry about the first question….

My cousin is doing a documentary and they people who are asking questions are wondering

1) why dont muslim women/girls date?

2) And what does the quran say about how a man should treat his women?

3) I also have a question is wearing pants haram? Even when you cover the parts? Like wearing a long shirt?

Time: Thursday October 14, 2010 at 9:28 pm

Answers: وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

  1. Because (Muslim) girls should not have their bodies touched prior to marriage in an inappropriate manner. This is to increase the blessedness, sanctity and sacredness of marriage. Likewise, results on dating proves that dating takes away the needed love and sensitivity as it relates to relational quality and relational sensitivity. The dating world comprises of individuals ‘dumping’ each other after the others body has been tamped/touched/exploited/used. This is a devaluing quality which all true religions frown upon. This rule is for all people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. kindly also read this previous response for additional insight.
  2. With respect, dignity, affection and compassion. She is entitled to inherit and own property, be the queen of her home in the values she shares, can be awarded a better heaven then men as a result of better deeds performed, she has a right to seek divorce when abused/hurt, the right to give charity from her own wealth, awarded safety and security without being viewed as a lesser/ inferior human, etc. (These laws mind you were given to woman prior to other religions and nations awarding their woman folk such rights!)
  3. Pant wearing is not haram. Haram is a very strong word. See a portion of the following response too.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.



One response to “Woman dating, Quran and treatment of woman, pants and woman

  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. Alhamdu-lillah, thank you Imam for giving such a straight forward answer to the question of dating. I would also like to add as a mother of a daughter and having lived in the U.S. all of my life that people who date come together with a partner for love or lust and sometimes that wears off in the relationship and then the girl has left a piece of her heart with that person who she is not going to share her life with. I think that is a tough thing that American women do, give a piece of their heart (figuratively) to each of the men they have dated thinking that is the one and each time they were in love with that person. So, besides the physical being lost of the women in terms of purity, the emotional is also being torn apart in pieces and given to each man they shared feelings for. May our youth continue to ask these questions of the Imam so, they may be guided and protected from all forms of harm. Ameen.