We appreciate your concern. It is valid and justified.

Q: This is for the Imaam. I know you folks are getting people to come on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not being offensive. My family think musjid khtija does not have place (space) for eid. Can you help me out. How many prayer matts or salah thingies are there? We have 20 people in our family alone.(text)

A: Women: the management took most of your query/concern into consideration, so did I (even though I am not part of management but did so out of mere concern.) Based on an immediate count, capacity for women upstairs is 350 minimum not including class room spaces. We also have made space for women downstairs with an appropriate divider so as to secure a privy for them which could accommodate no less than an additional 200 woman.  This count is based on each woman standing on their own prayer matt, not shoulder to shoulder. (350 rug designs upstairs + 200 downstairs which includes classrooms = 550). Thus, if shoulder to shoulder is included as part of the count, the numbers go higher. We are not saying we are going to use all the space or can use all the space based on certain aspects beyond my scope, all I am saying is this is how many prayer mats (designs) are in the Masjid allocated for women.

Men: As for men, the last time this scenario took place was when our honorable Br Tariq was president. During that Eid-ul-Adha, we had an additional space for about 400 people which went by unused. Also you must realize, other masjids were not even open in Utah over 2 years ago, and those that were open, were not being used as they are in 2010. Thus, as far as space goes and viewing current trends, we have plenty of space. So you need not worry at all, insha’Allah. Also it is worthy to mention that a little over 1,000 people can fit comfortably downstairs during a busy Jumuah with still space to spare.

Children: We have classrooms for children both upstairs and downstairs should any need arise for parents to be concerned: (crying, noisy, babies, etc.)

Additionally, we have 2 days for prayer, Tuesday and Wednesday, thus, it would be impossible based on our records to have this place filled up. But you can come and support us. If it so happens that we break a record then I would recommend coming 20-30 minutes early to acquire the desired seating/parking arrangements for everyone in your family, men and women. What do you say? Concerns removed? Wishing you and your family a happy Eid,


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