2.5 Million Hujjaaj

Hujjaaj at Arafat

Hujjaaj at Arafat

Assalaamu’Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

The Hujjaaj of 1431 are making their collective way to the plains of Arafat. There, they will beg for forgiveness from Allah and plead for a life on this earth that is full of barakah and mercy. May Allah accept their pleas, make their Hajj one of ease, happiness, and satisfaction, and invite to His Blessed Home all of those who have yet to go on the pilgrimage of a lifetime. And may He return to these blessed lands all of those who yearn to revisit the best moments of their lives. Ameen.

If you would like to take a look at this vision of humanity and spirituality, you may do so online at Saudi 2TV or Saudi 1TV. If those fail for you, you may find it easier to visit the website iHaram Salaah Archives; you may need to click on the Play button a few times to get the stream going.

Don’t forget, while you’re watching, to make tons of du’aa that you are next to go for Hajj. Out of 1+billion Muslims, only 3 million are there today…may you be among the next group of 3 million, ameen.

Hajj mabrur wa sa’eyam mashkur.


3 responses to “2.5 Million Hujjaaj

  1. Q: How can one prove Islam is a peaceful religion? (an old email from our files I figured never needed a response — until now.)
    A: Look at the hajj pictorials. An estimated 3 million people attending for a VERY brief period. One does not observe any killings, bombings, beating up of people, riots, violence, abuse, cracking of skulls with bottles and/or the butts of guns, stabbings, major police force pulling drunks in security vans, watch dogs roaming, etc. etc. By the way, is this the Middle East they call violent? Or is this Hajj occurring in the heart of Europe? France maybe?

    Soon we would have the Thanksgiving and Christmas in the name of Jesus (p.b.u.h). What figures are you going to see there as it relates to violence? Anything similar to those related to the (muslim) hajj? Mind you, to Muslims Jesus (pbuh) remains one of those prophets that stood for absolute peace! Just in case…

    Additionally, can one show me a place other than the Hajj wherein 3 million people can be confined to a small space in relation to the mass of people present and yet function with such smoothness? Better yet, show me 3 million people that are diverse, majority not speaking a common language etc. yet united and committed to complete a single task in a peaceful manner?

    And some still insist that Islam is a religion lacking peace. Well, you have your chance to see an uncensored version of Muslims from all over the world for what they are. Do you now care to answer your question: How can one prove Islam is a peaceful religion?

    • Comment: Here is an article that proves you otherwise: http://www.slate.com/id/2078497 (text)

      This article was written in 2003. It has an islamophobic twist. Since this article and its data was published, we must note that possibly over 25 million people have been for the hajj. If one was to include the Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage) to the Hajj count, it would multiply to an even greater astounding figure. I still think Hajj and Umrah is a safer choice then a football/cricket/soccer game. Would you not agree?

  2. Allahu Akbar! Saddakt, Moulana. Masha Allah. I just want to say that muslims have nothing to prove to anyone about the ‘type’ of Religion it is! We need only live Islam, and live it in its prescribed way…. The only proving we need to do is to Allah Most High, that we are worthy of His acceptance.

    The Hajj is indeed THE epitome of peaceful worship, and the opposers of Islam need only take one look at the Hajj Journey to understand us better. Jazakallahu Khair, Moulana for making this connection for us. It is definitely one I will use when I hear the accusation again…

    Fee Amaanillah