shafee view point — hanafees stay out

Q: I am shaafee. I want some clarification. I know the hanafee point of view. But i spoke to a shaafee scholar and need some clarification.  For shaafee is it wajib for me to do a qurban for each member of the household? Is it necessary for each member to do the qurban? (email-urgent)
A: According to imaam shafee doing the qurban is sunnah (and NOT wajib). Head of household doing it would suffice for others under the care of the head of household. Thus it would not be necessary for a shafee to have each member under the head of household do the Qurban. One member w/could suffice for all. (However, doing so would be greatly rewarding.)

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


One response to “shafee view point — hanafees stay out

  1. worried mother

    As-salaam-alaikum. Honestly, some things people need to use common sense. Firstly, I come from a family where my father was Hanfee my mother Shafee and now my husband is Shafee so, I follow Shafee. Hanfee and Shafee are very similar compared to Wahabi but, really why must we muslims divide ourselves in practice, thinking, communities, prayers, etc. just because we want to follow a certain scholar? As long as we have good intentions, as long as we do the Qurbani ourselves, which we can in the U.S. and not send to Pakistan/India/Saudi Arabia the money for someone else to do, then I believe that by all means we should do it and help our own communities by sharing the Qurbani meat. If we do more than one Qurbani, more rewards, but, why harp on these minor differences of practice. Allah (swt) is all forgiving and merciful and thereby your intent will be rewarded. Insha-Allah. It is these minor details that we focus on that turns people off from practices or converting to Islam. Our faith is beautiful, all encompassing, all accepting, don’t make these small divisions, in my humble opinion and make practice so difficult. Simple and truth.