Type of animal. Eligibilty. Muslims give animals their rights too.

Q: What are the criterai of animal for quarbani? Who is eligable for quarbani?  Time: Tuesday November 9, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Q: How does sharing of animal work. I am confused. In my country the rich cut a cow and poor cut sheep. now i hear a cow is not for one person. a cow can be for up to 7 people. (text) 

Answer: Your question is a rather broad. I shall assist as best as i can:

The minimum age of an animal:

  • General rules pertaining to the age of an animal: goat, sheep are to be at least one years old (or resemble that of a one year old.)
  • As for a cow, bull or buffalo it must be at least two years old.
  • A camel must be at least five years of age.

How perfect must the animal be:

  • The animal must be as perfect as possible.
  • It must not be one eyed, blind or having lost more then 1/3rd of its eyesight.
  • Its horns must not be broken off from its place of origin. An animal born without horns would qualify, likewise, a broken horn that is not broken from the root would also qualify.(see Allama Shami for horn issue.)
  • An animal having lost 1/3rd or more of its ear would also not qualify.
  • A three legged animal would not qualify, however, if it merely limps on its forth leg and functions as normal, then in such a condition it can be used for slaughter and can walk to the place of slaughter.
  • An animal that is so weak that it cannot even function, its bones are brittle and weak cannot be used for Qurban (see Allama Shami.)
  • It is preferred to buy the animal in advance to fatten it up for slaughter through healthy methods (see Hindiya)


  • Sheep and goat count as one share each. Thus, if cutting a sheep or goat, it would count as your share alone or count as one share for the person you are slaughtering for with their consent should they be alive.
  • A cow, buffalo, camel counts falls in a category of a seven share animal. Thus, you can divide it between seven people and each can thereafter be awarded their given full portion.  Likewise, you can do one share that counts as part of the Qurban and another share with reward for a deceased mother, a given Prophet, favorite teacher that has passed away, etc.
  • Eligibility/non-eligibility and its additional matters:

For eligibility, kindly click here: also see topic on nisab.

Allah Certainly Knows Best.


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