how can one go to hell if the Creator created us? Just got to reflect a little more!

Q: Why would god put people in hell if he is a creator of all? Friday night guest. (email)

A: Why would a manufacture not service your car if they are true manufactures standing guarantee for the quality of their product upon your refusal to do its oil changes as specified and thus allow for a possibly blow up engine to be placed in a junk yard (type of hell for cars)?

Likewise, Allah (SWT) is Just, this requires that He sets down rules via Quran and hadith. Those that follow the rules attain heaven, those Muslims that reject the rules would likewise attain its consequences.

Allah certainly Knows Best.


8 responses to “how can one go to hell if the Creator created us? Just got to reflect a little more!

  1. Allah SWT does not PUT us in Hell, we put ourselves there through our deeds. Allah SWT entices us towards Jannat in His Book, but if we are too arrogant to submit, too stubborn to abide and too foolish to grab the opportunity to go, who is to be blamed? Allah guide us,keep us with Aafiyat and make us of the dwellers of Jannat – Aameen.

  2. Ha ha, comparing car hell to people hell. So does god place us in the crusher too?

    • What a childish response to an intelligent and well thought out answer. This shows how people trust way too much in their own intellect even at the expense of logic…

  3. Actually, I think there is a place in Hell called the Crusher or something similar to its reference, it’s definetly not the car crusher though but for evil doers. Sorry I can not recall the exact place but will post if I do find it.

  4. Thank you! A person with a sense of humor or so. Some people need to lighten up or relax and not be so serious as if afraid to crack a smile.

    • On a side note. I do take Hell as a serious place and I beleive if someone is an evil doer, and god puts them there then they deserve whatever comes with the punishment.

  5. Dude, I am the most pleasant person I know, no hang-up’s… But if we understood the seriousness of Hell we would laugh a little and cry a lot!

    Also, an evil doer (as in someone who commits sins) is not necessarily destined for the Hellfire. If they have Eemaan in their hearts and abandon evil, could be minutes before their death even, then they could still be saved from the punishment of the Hell fire. Someone who does “good” but associates partners with Allah SWT will also go to Hell because Allah is ONE.

    Real belief in HAQQ of Allah would leave no room for mockery or sarcasm. I promise you. There will be plenty of time for laughing and fooling around in Jannat, but first we have to get there, and that requires a more focused approach. :)

  6. Uhm, by “I promise you” I mean insha Allah. Allah knows best.