For groups that we visit of those that come to our society

kindly send in your comments to how you perceive Islam/Muslims:

You need not answer the following, but the following can assist you should you be tongue-tied with comments you intend to share. We appreciate you inviting us over to your school/university, church, synagogue, event, etc. It does mean a lot to us.  We also appreciate you taking out the time and coming to your Islamic Society and assisting us in becoming the better then who we are.

  • My perceptions of Islam before I came were ————
  • My perceptions have been dis/confirmed in the following manner ———————-
  • The following were my views on Islam:  a)                         b)                            c)
  • My views on Islam now are as follows ——————
  • What can Muslims do to better themselves: a)                     b)                    c)

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