can a jew or muslim ever work/help one another?

Imaam, can you please post this that shows muslim hating or are is this hate as well? and post this up in your interview section. I would appreciate it, thanks you. (text)


2 responses to “can a jew or muslim ever work/help one another?

  1. So is this a questions for us? if so, then yes off course we can work with Jews, and help them. We can help them and work with them as long as our and their actions are not combined to harm other humans. We can help them without twisting our religious manners and rules for them or anyone out there. Remember how our beloved prophet used to treat his Jewish neighbor, and how they lived, did business and trading with Muslims in peace.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmtaullah, Moulana. I work for Jews and I just don’t trust them. I did. But when I saw the CEO eating non cochure food and laughing about it I changed my mind. I feel that if he could be dishonest about that, to his Lord, who will he be honest with?

    Sister S