‘Radio from hell’ gets a ‘not so hell type of person’ Ameen

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Go to date: October 21 2010 show 8. ‘Ask a Muslim – Imam’

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5 responses to “‘Radio from hell’ gets a ‘not so hell type of person’ Ameen

  1. Q: can you clarify you view point of female circumcision what what you said on the air. (text)
    A: Here is my actual view and the meaning of what i said. It is not wajib for woman. For men it is wajib. Kindly see the following: https://islaminaction.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/do-not-confuse-circumcision-with-mutilation

  2. Imam (muhammed) Shoayb,
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for doing the radio From Hell Show! I work in a cafe that downtown that faithfully listens to the show in the kitchen every morning (We make their breakfast Wednesdays!). I was getting things ready for the day and I heard this voice that was so familiar to me but it took a minute to place it. When I did realize it was you, I was so surprised and so happy. It was a great show and a wonderful opportunity to allow those who might not otherwise get a chance to ask about Islam or Muslims, the chance to speak with you and ask questions. I especially liked the part where you explained about why there is no one body or person that speaks for Islam. I have found this is something very hard to grasp for some people and they take it as compliance or silent support when a tragedy involving Islam or Muslims occurs. I wish there were a more regular format like that for people to hear about what Islam really is. The radio show was a great start though and hopefully people seeking answers to questions will now know where they can turn in Salt Lake.
    On a side note…I did hear you speak about how if someone has questions or is interested in learning more just come to Friday Prayers and observe and stay and ask if you choose. Let me share with you as a convert myself just how hard and intimidating that is. I did it once a year before I finally got to start meeting people in the community, and it was so intimidating. The parking lot was full, there were tons of people, I wasn’t sure if I had to cover or not, I wasn’t sure if I went right in the front, what the procedure (if any) was for entering. So I sat there for a half an hour and then I left. I’m sure there are some people willing to be a contact for those who do want to go to the masjid. Not to be a guide or teacher or anything but just to have a person that can just take them to the Friday Prayer at the mosque, get them through that first step. It’s a simple thing to go to the masjid….but can be very hard to do alone. Anyway, Jazakallah Khair Imam! It was wonderful to hear you and you are an amazing speaker. I felt proud that you are our Imam and that Salt Lake got to enjoy a little of what you have to say as well.

    • Your kind words are appreciated by our Society.
      As for your side notes, they are absolutely fair. I wish I had only taken notice of this prior. You could not have explained it all better. I agree, we should have an usher/escort for men and woman to make matters less daunting. It would make matters easy for our guests as well as those that remain in charge. Also correct is the fact that it would attain greater level of fluidity (organization) and also function as less intimidating to ‘new’ folks.
      As for parking, we have an extended area next to the musjid. For best parking, we recommend coming by 1:15pm. Should parking still be an issue, kindly let us know, we would sure get it right – Allah Willing. (Added to this point, the tracks would help us when they get going!)
      Your second paragraph would be handed over to our honorable president and Vice president (and new EC — a belated congratulation to all those elected) as well as those that wish well for the public.
      Again, thank you for your objective insight, it is well appreciated
      (We hope other diverse centers too can learn from your words.)

  3. I think a good idea for men-women communication in the masjid might be to place some sort of doorbell-speaker communication system…..kind of like the type of system you see at really rich people’s homes…

    Example use: A woman needs to ask the Imaam a question, as noted above, rings the doorbell to the men’s side. The Imaam answers, and so on….

    Good idea? Awful idea? Well it’s out there if anyone wants to use it….*hint hint**New Board*I think a young strapping college student could help set it up too instead of paying some electrician 80$/hr.

    Anyways, WalaykumAsalaam, Idea-bulb

  4. Thank you for doing this broadcast, I learned more from listening than I have learned in the last 10 years. Alot of questions were answered, but I still wonder why some people who are muslim don’t admit to their friends that they are, are they ashamed or afraid??